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Cribbs Mill Creek Survey

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Do you have a creek running through your property?*  

Does your creek always have water in it or is it seasonally dry?*  

Either way, has the creek always been this way or is this a recent phenomenon?*  

What, if any, changes have you noticed in your creek since you have lived near it? Check any/all that apply.*

 Depth of channel
 Width of channel
 Placement or course


If you have seen any changes in your part of the creek that is not listed above, please describe here.

Have you experienced flooding from your creek?*  

If you have experienced flooding, has this happened periodically over the years or is it a new phenomenon?  

Do you observe wildlife in or near your creek?*  

If you observe wildlife, please describe.

Do you know any history of or legends about Cribbs Mill Creek or any of its tributaries, or have historical documents that you are willing to share?*  

If you have any historical information to share, please describe below.

Have you incorporated your portion of the creek into your landscaping?*  

If you have incorporated creek into your landscaping, please describe.

Do you harvest rain water?*  

Are you interested in free training to do monthly water quality testing of the creek?*  

Are you interested in being contacted with more information about the creek, including resources to help you maintain your section of the creek?*  

Sassafras Center for Arts and Environment is collecting data related to the Cribbs Mill Creek Watershed - Tuscaloosa's main watershed. If you live near the creek, or one of its tributaries, please fill out this short survey to help us better develop a Watershed Management Plan. Together, we can improve Tuscaloosa's watershed!

We need your address for an interactive map we're creating for this project. We will not publish your information on the map, or anywhere else. Personal information is only so we can contact you with questions.

Sassafras will not share your information with any third parties, nor contact you without your express permission. You can have your information deleted from our private records at any time. We take your privacy very seriously.