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Sassafras Park Registry

Do you love parks? Do you want to be immortalized? Sassafras is organizing a community-built public park, hopefully with your help! Learn more about some of the amazing park features you can help realize and get your name inscribed at the park!

Butterfly Garden

Wildflower meadows have many forms, and express themselves with many colors. They are a source of food for some of our busiest friends, and a pleasure to behold for us all. At the center of our biodiversity plan, our butterfly garden will inspire and delight park lovers of all types and ages.

$50 - donate now

Sculptural Seating

We know it’s just for your bum, but we think any excuse to create public art is a good excuse! To that end, we want to commission local artists to design and build sculptural seating for the park. We’re excited to see what they come up with!

$30 - donate now

Community Garden

We love food. Really. We love it. We love it so much we want to grow it everywhere, and we want to share that experience with you! Our designer community garden will blend seamlessly into our wildflower meadow where it will take advantage of pollinators to keep plants thriving. Did we mention that we love food?

$30 - donate now

Outdoor Classroom (and Formal Garden)

We think education is so important that we’ve designed the entire park to function as an educational space. From the landscape design to the pollinators who enjoy it, Sassafras Park will be a demonstration site built from the ground up to test and teach about the natural world. Our design includes a dedicated space for an outdoor classroom and formal garden – a jumping-off point where we can begin and end all of our lessons. We know a tremendous amount of learning will happen here, and we can’t wait to get started.

$15 - donate now

Food Forest

When planning our design for Sassafras Park, we agreed that we wanted a community garden, and to expand the fruit trees on site. We realized that we were absolutely nuts for food when we agreed we should plant wild edibles of all kinds throughout the entire park. Herbs? Sure! Berries? Why not! Spices? You bet’cha! Vegetables? No. Just kidding! We love veggies! Our commitment to food is as big as our stomachs, and we want to share our bounty with you – all year round!

$20 - donate now


It’s just dirt, right? No way. Soil is the lifeblood of any living thing. When we say we’re building Sassafras Park from the ground up to endure, we mean it, and it starts with good soil. We will be implementing old but sound techniques to grow things in Sassafras Park, and we look forward to showing you the process and results, and a return to better soil management practices. Remember; that riot of wildflower colors, that delectable first bite of sun-ripened fruit, and the delightful spice of fresh herbs you experience at Sassafras Park started with good soil.

$10 - donate now

Event Pavilion

The main stage. The main event. The Sassafras Park Event Pavilion will be the stage for so much of what happens here. Live music concerts, movie screenings, visual arts, poetry, speeches, auctions, debates, expressions of undying love, and so much more. We’re bringing our unique minimalist and functional style with an ecological twist to one of the most important structures at the park. Like the rest of Sassafras Park, it will be beautiful, functional, and built to endure.

$500 - donate now

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are an ecosystem unto themselves. They are designed into a landscape for the purpose of capturing rainwater and holding it onsite so it can penetrate and feed the soil around them. They can be planted with water-loving plants that would otherwise need significant irrigation, and are critical to managing storm water in an environmentally sound fashion. By capturing water onsite we are providing more rainwater for all our plants, increasing biodiversity within the park, and decreasing our storm water runoff by nearly 100%. Pretty amazing for such a low maintenance design feature!

$35 - donate now

Sculpture Garden

We love art. At Sassafras Park we are building a premiere sculpture garden for you to discover meandering throughout the park. Our rotating exhibits will feature local artists and works of many styles, materials and visions. We want to connect you to the amazing artistic talent in Tuscaloosa, and our sculpture garden is an anchor for that philosophy in our space. What’s more, some sculptures will be sold at park auctions to help support local artists and the ongoing operations of the park.

$200 - donate now