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Tuscaloosa Bikeability Assessment

It's here! The Beta Bikeability Assessment is done! Now you can see how bikeable Tuscaloosa's streets are, what routes are safe today, and where we can invest to improve the network on our way to becoming the most bicycle-friendly city in Alabama.

Coming Soon: we're adding edits so you can help crowd-source the final map.

Remember, this is still a beta map; always ride carefully! Click the image to explore more.

Bikeability Assessment

How Did We Get Here?

Who:  Sassafras, City of Tuscaloosa, The University of Alabama, including the Civil Engineering Department and others, UA Bicycle Advocacy Coalition, Druid City Bicycle Club, I Bike Tuscaloosa, inspired local businesses and totally rad community members. 

What:  Create a comprehensive bicycle assessment planning map for greater Tuscaloosa.

Where:  Greater Tuscaloosa     When:  Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Why:  To help make Tuscaloosa the most bicycle-friendly city in Alabama. Why do that?

  • Cycling infrastructure reduces traffic;
  • Minimizes accidents;
  • Inspires people to ride their bikes;
  • Improves our shared air;
  • Improves cyclists' health;
  • Has a positive impact on local business.

How:  Volunteers mapped the entire city highlighting streets for bikeability. We add elevation, demographic, and key area information (schools, parks, stores, etc.). The routes that best expand the existing network, and that best connect people and places will be prioritized for investment. We'll share the finished map with everyone, including mapping services like Google.

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